At glance.

Lampropoulos Transport company operates in the sector of national and international road transport. We specialize in the road transport of perishable products in controlled temperature conditions.

Our many years of experience in the transport sector and the immediacy of responding to the growing needs and challenges of the Greek and European market has strengthened the credibility and prestige of our company.

All the above have led to building relationships of credibility and trust with our partners and clients, offering us a strong position in the international transport sector.

Our Philosophy.

Our company’s philosophy combined with our vision to offer reliable and safe transport of perishable products in controlled temperature conditions, is based on the personal approach of our clients. By placing him at the center of our efforts to provide integrated services that meet his needs and desires, we built trusting relationships.

Our many years of experience in transportation, the human resources that make up our company, our innovative solutions and the safety of our vehicles are guaranteed. Our priority is to have our customers enjoy the best service quality with responsibility, reliability and speed.

Our principles.

  • We provide our services with security, consistency and speed.
  • We strive to exceed our customers’ needs and expectations.
  • We strengthen cooperative relationships with our customers. With Respect and Integrity.
  • We monitor the needs of the market and evolve continuously.
  • We provide ongoing training and support to our people.
  • We operate as a collective company with a sense of social responsibility.

Our Team.

The development and growth of our company starts with our people!

With the partners who make up our team, we share the passion and love for our work as the common goal is to offer the best quality of services. By being able to communicate on a personal level we have created something completely different from an impersonal working relationship.

The experience and training of people working in our company, in combination with the feeling of teamwork and their dedication to the company’s vision. They constitute our driving force.

We are ready to face any challenge

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